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NVIDIA GTC San Jose 2017
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Kumar Aatish Software Engineer, ArrayFire LLC
Felix Abecassis Systems Software Engineer, NVIDIA
Tsvi Achler CEO, Optimizing Mind
Gaurav Agarwal Senior Product Manager, NVIDIA
Syed Ahmed Research Assistant, Rochester Institute of Technology
Takuya Akiba Researcher, Preferred Networks, Inc.
Richard Albayaty Solutions Architect, NVIDIA
Dan Alistarh Assistant Professor, IST Austria & ETH Zurich
Gabrielle Allen Associate Dean for Research and Director of the Bureau of Educational Research, University of Illinois
Randy Allen Director of Advanced Research, Mentor Graphics
Jose Alvarez Researcher, Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation(CSIRO)
Antonio Augusto Alves Junior Post-doc, University of Cincinnati
SriSatish Ambati CEO and Co-Founder, H2O
Alisa Andrasek Director, University College London, Wonderlab/Biothing
Christoph Angerer Developer Technology Engineer, NVIDIA
Jeremy Appleyard Engineer, Tech SW, NVIDIA
Mauricio Araya-Polo Senior Researcher Computer Science, Shell International Exploration and Production Inc.
Yannis Assael DPhil Student, University of Oxford
Jay Axe Technical Product Manager, NVIDIA Corporation
Daniel L. Ayres Graduate Student, University of Maryland
Sergei Azernikov Machine Learning Team Lead, Glidewell Dental
Todd Bacastow Director, Strategic Alliances, Digital Globe
Min Bai PhD Student, University of Toronto
Martin Bakal Product Manager, Rogue Wave Software
John Baldoni Sr. VP, Platform Technology & Science, GSK Pharmaceuticals
Michael Balint Senior Manager Applied Solutions Engineering, NVIDIA
Aditya Balu Ph.D. Student, Iowa State University
Mike Bantz Virtualization Engineer, DigitalGlobe
Izumi Barker Healthcare Campaign Marketing Manager, NVIDIA
Matthew L. Barker, Ph.D. Principal Data Scientist, Procter & Gamble
Jeremy Barnish Worldwide Field Ops, NVIDIA
John Barrus Senior Product Manager , Google
Frederic Bastien Team Lead Software Infrastructure, Universite de Montreal
Karan Batta Senior Program Manager, Azure HPC Team, Microsoft
Andrew Beam Postdoctoral Fellow, Harvard Medical School
Andre Beausoleil Principal Partner Manager, Red Hat
Brad Bebee Solutions Architect, SYSTAP, LLC
Brian Belgodere Research Software Engineer, IBM Research
Jonathan Belof Physicist, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Jonathan Bentz Solutions Architect, NVIDIA
Julien Bernard Software Engineer, Laboratoire d'etudes spatiales et d'instrumentation en astrophysique
Jost Bernasch CEO, Virtual Vehicle Research Center
Blair Bethwaite Lead Cloud Architect, Monash University
Bernhard Bieder Software Engineer, VIRES GmbH
Lars Bishop Senior Engineer, NVIDIA
Nicolas Blanc Software Engineer, Misys
Gil Bloch Principal Architect, Mellanox
Ansel Blumers Graduate Student, Brown University
Robert Bogucki Chief Science Officer,
Justin Boitano VP of Marketing, Frame
Carlos Boneti Program Manager for ML, HPC & 3D Viz, Schlumberger
Rajesh Bordawekar Research Staff Member, IBM T. J. Watson Research Center
Damian Borth Director Deep Learning Competence Center, German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI)
Charlie Boyle Senior Director, DGX Product Management, NVIDIA
James Bradbury Research Scientist, Salesforce Research
Joseph Bradley Software Engineer, Databricks, Inc
Ritchie Brannan Software Engineer, Tobii
Hugo Braun Intern, Ecole Polytechnique
Lasandra Brill Head of Digital Planning and Analytics, NVIDIA
Vincent Brisebois Senior Technical Marketing Manager, NVIDIA
Mark Brooks Principal Solutions Engineer, Kinetica
Eric Brower Director, Tegra Linux Platform Software, NVIDIA
Janet Brown Co-Founder, Atakote Studios
Martin Bujnak Managing Partner, Capturing Reality
Wes Bunn Sr. Technical Writer, Epic Games
Martin Burtscher Professor, Texas State University
Lee Butterman Infrastructure Engineer, Graphistry, Inc.
Sergii Bykov Technical Lead, Luxoft
Steve Byun Certified Instructor, Deep Learning Institute, NVIDIA, NVIDIA
Jonathan Calmels Systems Software Engineer, NVIDIA
Rafael Campana Senior Engineering Manager, Developer Tools, NVIDIA
Dace Campbell Senior Customer Success Manager, Autodesk
Juan Canada Head of Rendering, Next Limit Technologies
Nigel Cannings CTO, Intelligent Voice
Yuan Cao Software Engineer, KITT.AI
Ronald Caplan Computational Scientist, Predictive Science Inc.
Louis Capps Solution Architect, NVIDIA
Michael Carilli Computational Scientist, ERC Incorporated
Scott Carver WA, Adobe Systems Incorporated
Enzo Catalano Senior Graphics Software Engineer, NVIDIA
Bryan Catanzaro VP of Applied Deep Learning Research, NVIDIA
Philippe Cattin Prof. Dr., Head of the Department of Biomedical Engineering, University of Basel, Allschwil, Switzerland
Cem Cebenoyan Director of Engineering, NVIDIA
Cris Cecka Senior Research Scientist, NVIDIA
Ali Cevahir Research Scientist, Rakuten Inc.
Gaurav Chakravorty Head of Trading Strategy Development, qplum
Cy Chan Computer Research Scientist, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Sunita Chandrasekaran Associate Professor, University of Delaware
Yuwei Chang Student, National Taiwan University
Stephane Chauveau Engineer, Tech SW, NVIDIA
Ping Chen Senior Researcher, Zhejiang Dahua Technology co.,ltd
Zhao Chen Machine Learning Software Intern, NVIDIA
Yan Chen Senior Software Engineer, Alibaba
Andy Chen Head of Global Partners & GM, Asia, Civil Maps
Lung-Sheng Chien Software Engineer, NVIDIA
Soumith Chintala AI Research Engineer, Facebook
Minsik Cho Research Staff Member, IBM Research
Fabien Chraim VP of Research and Development, Civil Maps
Woody Christy Principal Partner Engineer, Kinetica
Don Clegg VP Marketing & WW Business Development, Super Micro Computer, Inc.
Erik Coelingh Technology Advisor, Zenuity
Dave Coldron Product Director, Lightwork Design Ltd.
Jared Cowart Sr. Solutions Architect, NVIDIA
Miles Cranmer Research Assistant, Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics
Bob Crockett Co-founder and Lead Engineer, AxonVR
Christopher Crouch Associate Member of Engineering Staff, Lockheed Martin
Yifeng Cui Lab Director, San Diego Supercomputing Center
William Cukierski Head of Competitions, Kaggle
Michael P Cummings Professor, University of Maryland
Andrew Currid System Architect, NVIDIA
Jeremy Dahan Innovation Project Manager, Elektrobit
Dr. Michael Dahlweid Chief Medical Officer, Digital, GE Healthcare
Ken Dahm Research Scientist, NVIDIA
Abdul Dakkak Ph.D. Student, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign
Nicolas Dalmasso Innovation Director, Optis
Ash Damle CEO and Founder, Lumiata
Eli David CTO, Deep Instinct
Andrew Davis Staff Data Scientist, Cylance
Chris Davis Geospatial Software Engineer, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Peter de Lappe Product Manager, NVIDIA mental ray, NVIDIA
Shalini De Mello Senior Research Scientist, NVIDIA
Emre Deniz Director, Opaque Space
Luke de Oliveira Visiting Researcher, Berkeley Lab
Jerome Derel Chief Product Officer, Allegorithmic
Shailesh Deshmukh Sr. Solutions Architect, NVIDIA
Vinay Deshpande Engineer, Tech SW, NVIDIA
Friederich Devoir Sr. Solution Architect, NVIDIA
Martijn de Vries Chief Technology Officer, Bright Computing
Scott DeWoody Firmwide Creative Media Manager, Gensler
Synho Do Assistant Medical Director, Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical School
Wolff Dobson Developer Programs Engineer, Google
Sebastien Domine VP Software Engineering, Developer Tools , NVIDIA
David Draper Professor, UC Santa Cruz
Dr. Keith Dreyer Vice Chairman and Assnt Professor of Radiology, Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Professor
Tom Drummond Professor, Monash University
Cheng-Han Du Postdoctoral Researcher, National Taiwan University
Joel Dudley Associate Professor, Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, New York
Ramani Duraiswami CEO, VisiSonics Corporation
Luke Durant Principal Engineer, CUDA Software, NVIDIA
Dave Dwelley Office of the CTO, Linear Technology
Chris Early VP of Digital Publishing , Ubisoft
Frank Eaton Technical Lead, Accelerated Graph & Data Analytic, NVIDIA
Larry Edelstein Sales Engineer, Rogue Wave Software
Andrew Edelsten Senior Developer Technologies Manager, NVIDIA
H. Carter Edwards Principle Member of Technical Staff, Sandia National Laboratories
Mindaugas Eglinskas CEO, Magma Solutions, UAB
Daniel Egloff Partner, QuantAlea and InCube
Menna El-Shaer Doctoral Student/Researcher, The Ohio State University
Anne C Elster Professor of High Performance Computing, Norwegian University of Science &Technoloy /Univ. of Texas at Austin
Miro Enev Solution Architect, Deep Learning, NVIDIA
Barbaros Erdal Assistant Professor, The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center
Bradley Erickson Director, Radiology Informatics Lab, Mayo Clinic
Ingo Esser Senior Developer Technology Engineer, NVIDIA
Andre Esteva PhD Candidate, Stanford University - Sebastian Thrun's Lab
Jenniffer Estrada Researcher, Los Alamos National Laboratory
Sheridan Ethier Director Engineering, Middleware and Verticals, QNX
Jason Fairey Research Engineer, Analatom Incorporated
John Fanelli VP of Product, NVIDIA GRID, NVIDIA
Keyvan Farahani Program Director, National Cancer Institute
Pau Farre Software Engineer, Barcelona Supercomputing Center (BSC)
Anthony Fassero VP Capture and Production, CyArk
Laura Fay Vice President Enterprise Marketing, Corporate Communications, Global Events, NVIDIA
Michael Felsberg Professor, Linkoping University
Alexandre Fender Software Engineer, NVIDIA
Rafael Nicolas Fermin Cota Partner, Triumph Asset Management Financial Services
Anna Fernandez Health Informatics/Precision Medicine Lead, Booz Allen
Pat Ferrel Chief Consultant, PMC member of Apache Mahout, ActionML
Sanja Fidler Assistant Professor, University of Toronto
Daniela Flamm Jackson Technical Product Mktg, NVIDIA
Fernanda Foertter HPC User Support Specialist/Programmer, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Brian Foss Producer, Winter Bear Studio
Tony Foster Principal Technical Marketing Engineer for EUC Solutions, Dell EMC
Brian Frank Sr. Product Line Manager | Simulation, Autodesk
Chris Fregly Research Engineer, PipelineIO
Steffen Frey Postdoc, University of Stuttgart, Visualization Research Center
Lex Fridman Postdoctoral Researcher, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
Holger Froning Associate Professor, Ruprecht-Karls University of Heidelberg
Iuri Frosio Senior Research Scientist, NVIDIA
Michael Frumkin Sr. Compute Architect, NVIDIA
Deyu Fu Engineer, Tech SW, NVIDIA
Thomas Fuchs Associate Professor, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center
Trevor Gale Student, Northeastern University
Lin Gan Dr., Tsinghua University
Renaud Gaubert System Software Engineering Intern, Deep Learning Software Platform, NVIDIA
Pascal Gautron Project Leader, NVIDIA
Amit Gavish General Manager, Americas, BriefCam
Barton Gawboy Product Designer, NVIDIA mental ray for Maya , NVIDIA
Wei Ge Professor, Institute of Process Engineering
Daniel George Scientist, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Krzysztof J. Geras Postdoctoral Researcher, New York University
Sushobhan Ghosh AI Lead Engineer, Intelligent Flying Machines
Andrew Gibiansky Machine Learning Engineer, Baidu SVAIL
Tyler Gibson Senior Software Engineer, Microsoft
Natalia Gimelshein Engineer, Tech SW, NVIDIA
Boris Ginsburg Deep Learning Engineer, NVIDIA
Francesco Giordana Realtime Software Architect, MPC
Olivier Giroux Principal Architect, NVIDIA
Ross Girshick Research Scientist, Facebook
Jamie Gjerde Senior Computer Scientist, Adobe Systems Incorporated
Adam Glick Product Specialist/Designer, Project Bunsen, Foundry
Eng Lim Goh VP & SGI CTO, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, HPE
Daniel Golden Director of Machine Learning, Arterys
Janet Goldenstein Lead Engineer, EchoPixel
Enhao Gong PhD Candidate, Stanford University
Ian Goodfellow Research Scientist, Google
Bryan Goodman Staff Engineer, Machine Learning, Ford Motor Company / Argo AI
Ido Goren SW Manager, VayaVision
David Gorodetzky Research Lead / Remote Sensing and Machine Learning, Harris Corporation
Chris Gottbrath Accelerated Computing Product Manager, NVIDIA
Nicolin Govender Senior Scientist, Research Center Pharmaceutical Engineering GmbH / CSIR
Adrian Graham Cloud Solutions Architect, Google Cloud
Trevor Grant Open Source Analytics Technical Evangelist Committer, Apache Mahout Project, IBM
Damien Gratadour Associate Professor, Universite Paris Diderot & Observatoire de Paris
Allison Gray Solutions Architect, NVIDIA
Oded Green Research Scientist, Georgia Tech
Peyton Greenside Ph.D. Student, Stanford University
Hayit Greenspan Head of Medical Image Processing Lab, Tel-Aviv University
Christiaan Gribble Principal Research Scientist, SURVICE Engineering
Ken Grothman Sr. VDC Engineer, Gilbane Building Company
Michael Gschwind Chief Engineer, Machine Learning & Deep Learning, IBM
Jinwei Gu Senior Research Scientist, NVIDIA
Sumit Gupta VP, HPC, AI, and Analytics
Jerry Gutierrez Global HPC Solution Leader, IBM
David Gutzwiller Software Engineer, Head of HPC Group, NUMECA USA
Marc Gyongyosi CEO and Founder, Intelligent Flying Machines
Patrick Hagerty Director of Research, CosmiQ Works
Azzam Haidar Research Scientist, UTK
Mahantesh Halappanavar Research Scientist, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Khaled Hamidouche Research Scientist, The Ohio State University
Tarik Hammadou CEO, VIMOC Technologies Inc
Mark Hammond CEO & Founder, Bonsai
Song Han Ph.D. candidate, Stanford University
Eric Harper Solutions Architect, NVIDIA
Mark Harris Chief Technologist, GPU Computing Software, NVIDIA
Scott Harvey Senior Machine Vision Engineer, Civil Maps
Greg Heinrich Deep Learning Software Engineer, NVIDIA
Nick Henderson Research Associate, Stanford University
Robert Henschel Director Science Community Tools, Indiana University
Benjamin Hernandez Computer Scientist, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Andreas Herten Post-Doctoral Researcher GPU in HPC, Julich Supercomputing Centre, Forschungszentrum Julich
Andrew Hess Evangelist, Epic Games
Shohei Hido Chief Research Officer, Preferred Networks
Bradley Hittle Senior Research Software Engineer, Ohio Supercomputer Center
Florian Hoenig CEO, Unbound Technologies, Inc.
Rama Hoetzlein Graphics Research Engineer, NVIDIA
Jason Holtman Head of Publishing, Oculus
Xiaodi Hou Chief Technology Officer, TuSimple
Michael Houston Sr. Distinguished Engineer, NVIDIA
Jeremy Howard Entrepreneur,
Theodore Hromadka Senior Software Engineer, Integrity Applications Incorporated
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